Cryptocurrency News Today!!

As seen on CoinMarketCap, we’ve got a pretty positive and healthy market, with a majority of greens across the board, with some coins experiencing nice gains overall. Bitcoin (BTC) has increased by 3.55%. Ether (ETH) still maintains its “second in command” status, with great gains of 3.71%.

Now, if I scroll down to the top 20, we’re also looking at a pretty lush and green market. Monero has increased nicely by 7.44% while Tezos is also increasing by 8.51%!

Now onto the Bitcoin News! Rakuten has officially begun letting prospective users of its cryptocurrency wallet register for the service. The firm has made it clear that the existing clients of Rakuten Bank will not have to go through a lengthy registration process like others.

Now onto the second Crypto News Today! These are certainly not the best of times for Craig Wright as more and more highly reputed cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to latch onto the #DelistBitcoinCashSV movement.

“We stand with Binance and Changpeng Zhao’s sentiments,” said Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of ShapeShift. Interestingly, Kraken a United States-based exchange has started an opinion poll on Twitter, asking its users whether it should delist the altcoin and so far, more than 70 percent of respondents have given the exchange the go-ahead to do so.

So what are your thoughts on this situation?

Do you think that the Rakuten Crypto Wallet will trigger mass adoption of cryptos?

And what are your thoughts about the ongoing Craig Wright and Bitcoin Cash SV fiasco?

Let me know what you guys think below!!

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