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US – China Currency Issues Turn Digital
The People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, has announced that it is planning to launch a central bank digital currency, inspired in part by Facebook’s Libra project. David Marcus, the head of Facebook cryptocurrency wallet Calibra had this to say:
“Like I said: if we don’t lead (and by ‘we’ I mean the Free World, *not FB*) others will. It wasn’t a figure of speech, an exaggeration, or a spin of the reality we face. It was the truth.”
With the continued trade war with China, we are witnessing battle lines drawn in a war for global monetary dominance, with China’s offering representing centralized control and including the suppression of foreign influences. Marcus’s tweet is referring to the clash of East vs. West — but, notably, he is aiming U.S. regulators and Congress. How will this all pan out in the months and years to come?

Bitcoin Lightning Network May Have Issues
Australian software programmer and Bitcoin’s (BTC) Lightning Network coder Rusty Russell recently said that security issues have been found in various Lightning projects which could cause loss of funds. He went on to say that LN nodes operators need to update their software as soon as possible. If the lightning network has many problems, how will this affect the project moving forward?

Brazil’s Biggest Payments Processor Accepting Bitcoin
Cielo, the largest payment processing provider in Brazil, is showing support for Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency purchases on its point-of-sale (PoS) devices. Users can make crypto payments through Cielo PoS devices via QR codes. The PoS machines generate QR codes for payment, and the customer can then use a smartphone to scan a code and make a payment. The customer also reportedly needs to hold either an account with Uzzo or Criptohub — Cielo’s network partners — to complete payment. How will this affect crypto in brazil?

Cars + Blockchain – How Will They Work Together
Distributed ledger technology company Iota partners with auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover for a proof-of-concept demonstration for tracing car energy with DLT. Iota announced the news in an official blog post in recent days, as Per the announcement, Iota is partnering with Jaguar Land Rover and French energy research and development center Engie Lab Crigen for the demonstration. The demonstration aims to show the public both the source and use of a Jaguar I-Pace’s energy at the Trondheim Powerhouse, the building whose inauguration forms the background for the proof-of-concept. Is the future of all car companies to have some distributed ledger technology component.

Kyrgyzstan Tax Bill To Include Crypto Mining
The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan has submitted the draft law “On Amending the Tax Code” to introduce cryptocurrency mining taxation. the draft law was specifically developed to allow for the possible taxation of crypto mining. The taxation on cryptocurrency mining is expected to increase budget revenues and to contribute to the principle of fair taxation in the Kyrgyz Republic. How will this help the country of Kyrgyzstan?

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