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0:00:00 Groundbreaking New Cryptocurrency Exchange Nummi to Launch in South Africa

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0:00:11 Brushing its coastlines along the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean is the beautiful and diverse country of South Africa; the second-largest economy in the African continent.

0:00:20 Nummi, South Africa’s newest cryptocurrency exchange platform is set to launch this September.

0:00:26 Nummi developers spent a good part of 3 years creating the platform, making sure it is safe and secure for their users.

0:00:33 Using two-factor authentication adds that extra layer of security that provides users the assurance to confidently trade on Nummi.

0:00:41 Traders will be able to buy, sell, exchange, and trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and NEO.

0:00:47 Ethereum will be added soon after the launch.

0:00:50 Nummi, plural for Nummus, is a Latin term used for coinage in Roman and Byzantine times.

0:00:56 Today, people will be able to buy and trade digital coins using an exchange named after the coinage used millennia ago.

0:01:03 Nummi’s mission is to become one of the leading crypto exchange platforms in Africa and one of the fastest-growing trading platforms in the world by offering a cutting edge platform and competitive fees.

0:01:14 “The real intent of cryptocurrency was to free people from controlled financial systems that charged high transactional and monthly fees, but I have now realised that even the existing exchanges we have in SA are going back to what we were supposed to be freed from – high fees.

0:01:28 Nummi has developed a unique referral program aligned with that vision by allowing users to earn commission on every trade they make by referring to family and friends.

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