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The big boys are getting really interested in crypto and this could cause the price to possibly increase,along with mainstream interest in crypto as well.
The main reason Bitcoin is still popular,is because it was the first cryptocurrency.Its a brand in many ways.When you think about the media and major institutions taking notice of crypto news and Bitcoin news today,you know that Bitcoins influence is going into the mainstream arena.

Although the cryptocurrency community today has put Bitcoin at the top spot,there are lots of cryptocurrencies out there with even better use cases and more advanced features.

The main players in the crypto space apart from Bitcoins dominance are Ethereum and and XRP Ripple.The great thing about the evolution of crypto currency has to be the diverse world use cases.
Ethereum has a use case in the world of software with smart contracts and XRP Ripple has a use case in the world of banking and international money transfer.

Crypto news and XRP news today has given us many examples of advancements and companies like Ripple and coinbase have pushed the revolution onwards and upwards.

The financial institutions are interested in the cryptocurrency markets and have started Bitcoin trading and crypto trading divisions like BAKKT and investment bankers have also taken notice.

XRP and Ripple news is starting to emerge that could make XRP the top cryptocurrency in the world.Major institutions are buying up and facilitating its use.

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