Ontology gained the most out of the top 20 today with gains of more than 6% and we saw Stellar gain more than 3% over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin started off the week at around $3,800, we then saw it drop below this level but towards the end of the week we saw it experiences some gains climbing towards $4,000 again. So will it manage to break past $4,000 this weekend?

Monero is expected to have a hard fork tomorrow March 9th. The Monero development community said that this is expected to be a non-contentious fork, and no chain splits are expected as there is a reasonable expectation of users upgrading their software.

But it added that everyone should be aware of the possible risks of claiming funds (airdrops) on different chains. This day last year Monero was over $300, today it is around $50. Monero is in 13th place in terms of marketcap.

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