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As promised – the new format of NakamotoJedi crypto news today! Much more news and a lot of surprises are waiting ahead. Ready, steady, go!

The market goes on falling and it seems that nothing can stop this process. But still, there is one coin which keeps afloat – Dogecoin. Its growth is quite vivid against the backdrop of the other crypto coins.

And Goldman Sachs is blamed for manipulations on the market. This is regardless of the fact that its CFO Martin Chavez consideres cryptocurrency a bank’s long-term investment strategy. Again, whom to believe?

Today Luis dispels a myth about criminals and their connection with blockchain technology. Also, he will tell you about our beloved McAfee who strives to become the hero of crypto – he has launched a fight against corruption in crypto community. Such a good guy!

Friends, confess – who is good at geography? Do you know where the “–stan” countries are situated? In today’s episode Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are in the spotlight – get known why.  
Perhaps, you’ll not be surprised to hear that Japan is one of the most crypto-friendly countries, and they are going to use blockchain at the elections. Fair results guaranteed!
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00:15 The episode’s preview
00:19 Dogecoin’s success
01:01 Market analysis
01:31 CFO Goldman Sachs: don’t believe fake news
02:17 Bitcoin advocate Andreas M. Antonopoulos on crypto
03:03 Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO: crypto’s popularity growing
03:24 YouGov research
03:43 Criminals prefer cash, not crypto
04:00 EU elaborates crypto regulation
04:18 McAfee – main fighter against corruption
05:20 Wash trading at Bithumb
05:49 Louis Meza and his tricks
06:27 Japan uses blockchain at the elections
07:47 Winklevoss brothers patented Secure Crypto Storage
08:07 “Unhackable” McAfee wallet
08:39 Uzbekistan canceled taxes on crypto exchanges
09:07 National Blockchain Development Fund in Uzbekistan

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